Toaster by Didier Hilhorst & Nicholas Zambetti

The toaster cloth is made of fabric with metal wires interwoven. The metal wires can heat up to a substantial temperature, enough to toast bread.

The first slice of bread is placed on the cloth, wrapped once; the second slice is put on top and wrapped as well. Turn the Toaster on and there’s your toasted bread! However crazy the idea of a flexible toaster may seem, this material made it possible to combine “soft, fabric-like” behaviors with high temperate, a combination not often seen in consumer electronics.


Seam Chair & Bench
Spacer chair by NEXT Architects & Samira Boon
Knotted chair by Marcel Wanders
Kokon Furniture by Konings & Bey
Knitted lamp by Hella Jongerius
Heavy Lightweight by Bas Warmoeskerken
Wrap chair by Hella Jongerius
Lace table by Marcel Wanders
Woven waffle screen by Samira Boon & NEXT Architects
Urban Mutualism by Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens
Crochet chair by Marcel Wanders
Bellflower by Studio Wieki Somers