Exhibition See All This: Paradise Found with Piet Oudolf

Paradise Found with Piet Oudolf

It’s Piet Oudolf’s summer! On June 2nd, the See All This summer issue “Paradise Found” featuring Piet Oudolf has been released, and starting from June 3rd, the exhibition will be open to visitors at the gallery@droog. The gallery will transform into a green oasis for the first two weeks where you can purchase plants from the special Piet Oudolf Collection. Additionally, you can explore the exhibition showcasing artworks by artists such as Simon Heijdens, Zora Ottink, Naoko Benom-Miura, and Sophie Steengracht, which will be on display until mid-September.

Exhibition: June 3rd until mid-September
Temporary plant nursery: June 3rd until June 18th
Permanently on display: the new facade garden Amsterdam Low Line by Piet Oudolf for See All This

About the exhibition

It’s Piet Oudolf’s summer, globally adored for his wild gardens like the New York High Line, which revolutionized our relationship with the outdoors. His 300-hectare gardens worldwide opened our eyes to the power of perennial plants, creating gardens that maintain their beauty throughout each season. In this exhibition “Paradise Found” and the summer issue of See All This (no. 30), See All This contemplates what it means to be in nature: what it does for us and how we can align ourselves with its rhythm. Rediscover Eden, immerse yourself in the work “Lightweeds” by Simon Heijdens and other artists, and take home your own Piet Oudolf plants.

Just around the corner, at Groenburgwal, you’ll find Piet Oudolf’s Low Line, a new permanent facade garden that brings more oxygen into the city, specially designed by Oudolf for this occasion.


About See All This 

See All This is an art magazine that appears quarterly in print. An enthusiastic and captivating guide featuring special interviews and adventurous background stories about art, photography, fashion, nature, and travel. Since March 2023, See All This has been housed at @droog, where it curates (sales) exhibitions, dinners, and masterclasses in the gallery space. “Paradise Found” is their inaugural exhibition at @droog.

See All This No. 30 – SUMMER 2023

Photography: Inga Powilleit

Exhibition Subject to Change Superflux

On view in the gallery@droog up until April 10th 2022.

Opening times:

mon – fri : 08:30 – 18:00

sat – sun : 11:00 – 18:00

Free entry!

Subject to Change is the first ever solo exhibition of London-based design studio Superflux. As a critically acclaimed, boundary-defying practice, Superflux confronts us with the complex and deeply interconnected nature of the challenges we face today. They invite us to remain open to a multitude of possibilities and navigate precarity with active hope. Their stories, films, objects, immersive installations and speculations craft new, optimistic, and enduring relationships with our planet, other species, technology, landscapes and each other.

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