@droog is now part of Unique Venues

@droog is proud to be part of Unique Venues. Unique Venues of Amsterdam is an association of 33 exceptional event locations in the capital of The Netherlands. Each and every one is a gem because of the architecture of the building, the central location in the city and professionalism in management. The venues were not originally set up as conference or event locations, so clients are always assured of a special experience.

The Unique Venues of Amsterdam present themselves as a collective via their website, through a wide range of marketing activities, and are represented on (inter-) national exhibitions. Suppliers are welcome to join as well so event planners are informed directly about any additional services they may need for their event.

“We are very excited that @droog is now part of Unique Venues. We can’t wait to show more people our spaces that are full of Dutch Design – and let’s not forget our iconic Fairytale Garden. We hope to see you soon!” – @droog’s event manager Monique van Walsem.

Read the article in Dutch here: https://uniquevenuesofamsterdam.com/maak-kennis-met-onze-nieuwste-locatie-droog/

Borduren en puzzelen cafe@droog

De maand februari staat in het teken van Go Slow bij @droog. Hierbij organiseren we verschillende events waarbij traagheid, bewustzijn en de tijd nemen centraal staan. Heel de maand lang kan je puzzelen en borduren in het cafe van @droog.

Mother’s Day Menu

We love Mother’s Day! Want to celebrate with us? Book a table at @droog and enjoy a special menu in the cafe.

Eggs Benedict
Mother’s Day Cake

€27 p.p.

Only on May 14th. Book a table here.

Droog30 @ Salone del Mobile Milano

Nieuwe Instituut organiseert in april 2023 tijdens designbeurs Salone del Mobile in Milaan samen met Triennale Milano een tentoonstelling rond Droog: ‘Droog30: Design of Non-Design?’. Bij het dertigjarig bestaan staan de samenstellers stil bij anekdotes over de totstandkoming en ontvangst van opvallende meubels, woonaccessoires, verlichting en andere producten van Droog. Aan de hand van die terugblik reflecteren ze ook op ontwikkelingen die het design- en medialandschap de afgelopen decennia hebben doorgemaakt.

Samenstellers Maria Cristina Didero en Richard Hutten, een van de oprichters van Droog en die ook het tentoonstellingsontwerp verzorgt, maken ter gelegenheid van de presentatie een soort ruimtelijke vertaling van een twitter-feed. Je stapt als bezoeker binnen in een driedimensionaal meningenlandschap. Zo maken de curatoren de mentaliteit van Droog tastbaar en invoelbaar: nog steeds niet bang voor stevige reacties en onveranderd tegen de stroom in. Er zijn verhalen opgenomen over verschillende (post)moderne Droog-klassiekers. In Huttens inrichting kun je zelf live op locatie en via het twitteraccount @DROOG30 je mening achterlaten over wat je er tegenkomt. De tentoonstelling herovert het publieke debat dat zich tegenwoordig vooral online lijkt af te spelen en verbindt het aan de analoge ruimtelijke ingrepen waarmee de Droog-ontwerpers zich al decennia uitspreken.

Droog30 is tijdens de Salone del Mobile te zien bij Triennale Milano van 15 t/m 23 april, en bij het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam van 2 mei t/m 27 augustus.

Meer informatie over de tentoonstelling vind je hier.

Balenciaga stores exhibit Droog Re-Bench by Tejo Remy

As part of its ongoing Art in Stores project, a collaboration between Dutch designer Tejo Remy/Droog and Balenciaga introduces the Re-Bench made with deadstock fabric and offcuts to multiple Balenciaga stores worldwide.

Droog and Remy introduced the Rag Chair in 1993, which became an internationally acknowledged design classic. The Re-Bench shows that Droogs strong believe that new ways of reusing materials to create functional furniture and appliances are needed and is actual more than ever. 

In its press release Balenciaga states that ‘The raw edges and exposed layers of each interactive artwork shows its own recycled makeup, stressing a need for sustainable solutions in design’.

A custom bench created by Remy using layers of obsolete fabrics will be exhibited at the Balenciaga New Bond Street London flagship. More benches will be installed in Balenciaga stores in Beijing, Berlin, Beverly Hills, London, Milan, New York City, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Read here the article of Artnet News

pictures of Balenciaga stores with the Re-Bench

Olphaert den Otter – Reality Check

gallery@droog presents Reality Check, a solo exhibition by visual artist Olphaert den Otter (Poortugaal, 1955). The exhibition features 28 paintings in egg tempera on paper and canvas/panel, from the series World Stress PaintingHome Made, and Postcode. Most of these have never been shown before. They form a bridge between classical landscape painting and contemporary subject matter. This exhibition shows how beauty and engagement can reinforce each other.

download here the text of the exhibition – in Dutch

Olphaert den Otter’s paintings are based on reality: a report or a photo in the newspaper, a spot in the woods, the meagre possessions of an unhoused person. Yet the works are not realistic. At will, Den Otter omits or adds details from the image. For instance, he consistently leaves out all the people: “There is no story. There is image.”

Den Otter paints landscapes, in which people left their traces, in which disastrous events took place, in which the natural environment underwent changes through the ages. His work expresses a deep commitment to the earth and the world. Since 2009, he has been making World Stress Paintings, an infinite series of works in which he visualises places that have turned into catastrophes due to human intervention. His Postcode series captures how homeless people make shelter through creative use of waste.

‘The earth’ is our planet, ‘the world’ is what it became because of what we made of it. There is a tension between earth and world, between humans and their environment. I see that tension and base my work on it.

Olphaert den Otter

Through his sense of composition, colour, and staging, he gives a soul to a newspaper photo or a seemingly insignificant place. Den Otter paints beauty, but it is a beauty without wellbeing. Because of their emphatic aesthetics, the paintings seem one-dimensional at first glance, but on closer inspection they prove to be very layered. It is precisely this aesthetic that heightens our perception. A wry beauty manifests itself in his work, which does not smooth away life but exposes it in all its painfulness.

Every Thursday, Den Otter posts an image of one of his paintings on Facebook with an accompanying text. These texts form an integral part of the exhibition. They are almost always written in retrospect, sometimes years after a painting has been completed. Text and image are both snapshots, from parallel worlds intersecting along the paths of Den Otter’s lasting preoccupations throughout the years. This makes them time and place specific as well as universal.

A special publication written by art critic Anna Tilroe will accompany Reality Check. She will also open the exhibition in the presence of the artist on Wednesday 9 November. The Reality Check exhibition is curated by Renny Ramakers.

 About the artist

Olphaert den Otter (born 1955, Poortugaal) studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Den Otter’s career spans over 40 years as a visual artist, a painter, animator, and, in the past, teacher at various academies. His work is included in various museum collections including the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Museum Belvédère Heerenveen. Den Otter participated in group exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, and Australia. Besides his practice as a visual artist, he is a countertenor in the Rhetorical Quartet and lectures on cultural-philosophical themes. Olphaert den Otter lives and works in Rotterdam.

The exhibition Olphaert den Otter ­– Reality Check is on view from 10 November 2022 to 9 January 2023. 

Read here the review of Het Parool – in Dutch

photo’s by Thijs Wolzak

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To our dearest @droog guests we must inform you that our doors will be closed on Monday and Tuesday (26 and 27 September). Which makes us even more excited to see you on Wednesday with a warm coffee and a delicious lunch from the new autumn themed menu!

See you Wednesday.

Come work/study @droog

The new university year has begun! Welcome all new students in Amsterdam.

If you’re looking for a creative spot to open your laptop and get some studying or work done: @droog could be exactly what you want.

Laptops are welcome @droog, supplied by fresh coffee beans, something sweet or something salty – you should be able to get a lot of stuff done

Note: on busy hours our staff might ask you to continue your hard work at the communal table.

the origins of @droog

It all started in 1993 when art historian Renny Ramakers and designer Gijs Bakker presented a collection of works from a group of young Dutch designers at the Salone del Mobile in Milan under the name ‘Droog’. Ramakers and Bakker had noticed a fresh trend in design in the use of everyday, recycled materials, combined with a down-to-earth mentality. The designs where simple yet humoristic – literally ‘dry’; ‘Droog’ in Dutch.