House 5B

Bowery / Bouwerij

The luxury of silence and care: Driessen & Verstappen, Arthur Elsenaar & Taconis Stolk
People love to be caressed, preferably by a beloved person. But when a person strokes another person’s body, eventually fatigue occurs in the movement and the motivation. Variation, attention and unpredictability are important aspects for an enjoyable stroking sensation. This is one of the main reasons for Driessens & Verstappen for developing the Tickle Salon: a machine that is able to stroke with indefatigable attention.

The robot can carry out sensitive movements over the skin in aiming for variation, unpredictability and flexibility. The public is invited to experience this special way of caressing.

The inside of the room will be a bubble of silence, where all signals of mobile phones and data services are eliminated to make visitors feel pleasantly isolated, even if it’s crowded. BuBL space by Arthur Elsenaar & Taconis Stolk creates serenity in a world of mobile communications.