Creatures by Tobias Rockenfeld

Tobias Rockenfeld wants to stimulate us and our children to discover the hidden values of waste-material. His Creatures are made of dissected old and broken toys, combined with other material from nature, household and trash. The result: 18 unique Creatures that can really swim, blink their lights, drive, fly, hover, crawl, feather-flap, dance and laugh! The creature named ‘Flip-Flop’ has been made in a special edition of 32 variations of flip-flops transformed into water vehicles.


Set in concrete by FormaFantasma, Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin
Crystal virus: Massive infection by Pieke Bergmans made in collaboration with master-glass blower Gert Bulle (Royal Leerdam)
This is the air we breathe by Jenny Bergstrom
Till death do us part, concept: Martino d’Esposito (ECAL), table: Franck Bragigand
Drive-in Wardrobe by Gae le Girault (ECAL) & Magnetic curtain by Florian Krautli
Touch wood by Minale Maeda
One day paper waste ELLE glossy edition by Jens Praet
Plaited Fence by Martí­n Ruiz Azúa