50 Differently priced bags by Simon Heijdens / United Statements

If certain products on offer are all the same and only differ in price then one buys the cheapest, doesn’t one? What happens if 50 identical bags are for sale but all differently priced? Is it the cheapest which is sold first? Or do other motives play a role which make some people take a more expensive one?

It makes no difference as far as the product is concerned, at least not when the price-tag is taken away. This project was first presented in Milan during the 2003 Salone del Mobile. It appeared that the majority of the visitors chose the cheapest bags. The bags priced from 1 to 10 Euros were immediately sold out and then it went slowly up to the higher prices. Only a few people trusted themselves to buy the more expensive bags. Some cunning ones tried to swap the price tagsā€¦