Dare to UNLABEL by Claudia Linders

Your Choice also points at branding. Claudia Linders asks visitors to remove the so cherished logo from their design clothing and replace it with an “Unlabeled” tag.

She needs 1700 names in order to make a label dress out of them, a piece of shared identities. It turns out that the visitors most eager to remove the labels from their clothing are dressed in low-image clothing. People who are really wearing high-end brands sometimes refuse to cut off the labels.

This project questions the influence of branding and the way people want to see themselves in the reality of daily shopping. Do they choose for a brand, for its image or for its reputation or are they actually looking for quality?


Signature vase by Frank Tjepkema
Stroke by Cecilie Frostad Egeberg
50 Differently priced bags by Simon Heijdens / United Statements
Spineless lamp by Frederik Roije
T-Shirts marked up in price by Simon Heijdens / United Statements
Your Choice – Who do you think you are? by NEXT Architects i.c.w. Guus Beumer & Christine van 't Hoenderdaal
Ready made bookshelf by NEXT Architects
128 PANTONE mugs / Perfect cuppa cup by Onkar Singh Kular
Highchair by Maartje Steenkamp
200 Numbered sugar cubes by Simon Heijdens / United Statements