Gardening bench by Jurgen Bey

The hay of the Summer, the leaves and the pruning of Autumn, all these can be used for this short-lived piece of furniture.

A machine to extrude a gardening bench from park waste, such as hay, leaves and tree bark. It looks different every season. Garden rubbish is pressed into an endless bench in extrusion containers. Any length is possible. Nature decides when it is time to have the organic material back.


Birdhouse by Marcel Wanders
Bird feeder by Paolo Ulian
Willow chair by Marcel Wanders
Tree-trunk bench by Jurgen Bey
Swing with the plants by Marcel Wanders
Picknick seats & cloth by Hella Jongerius
Packaging paper & label by Hella Jongerius
Oranienbaum candy by Martí Guixé
Oranienbaumer Viereck by Marcel Wanders
Orange liquor glass by Martí Guixé
Earth flower vase by Martí­ Guixé
Couleur Locale for Oranienbaum / Cultural Foundation Dessau Wörlitz