Window drops for Levi's RED

date: 2002 A new collaboration between Levi’s RED and Droog results in a window concept composed of self-adhesive PVC drops. The design is developed during a brainstorm session on the subject of glass. Participants are Levi’s fashion designers two product […]

Optic glasses by Arnout Visser

The glass comes to life when it is filled with water. The concave and convex lenses create a new view on the world. The structure feels really good in the hand.

Opening Droog Staalstraat

Droog has moved into a splendid, historical building dating from 1641 at Staalstraat 7a-7b in Amsterdam. With an area of 700 m² at last Droog has space to expand her activities. Over 500 guests visited the official opening of the […]

Microwave plates by Arnout Visser

A classic labyrinth pattern of iron oxide glaze has been added to the bottom of existing plates from the Rosenthal collection. It is this decoration that makes it possible to heat a pile of plates in the microwave: The bottom […]

Hybride bowl & plate by Arnout Visser

Arnout Visser took a more ‘laminating’ approach in the sense that his ideas concern layering rather than combining shapes. He got the opportunity to elaborate an earlier idea he had with Erik Jan Kwakkel in the Rosenthal project (1997), which […]

Humble facades: Droog & Atelier Bow-Wow

Two understated facades will conceal extraordinary interiors for living in Amsterdam—Droog New York will present the plans for Droog Townhouse and Droog Hotel by Tokyo-based Atelier Bow-Wow. Droog Townhouse Commissioned by Amsterdam housing association Ymere, Townhouse is Droog’s first house. […]

Glass drop floortiles by Arnout Visser

The glass ‘water drops’ on the ceramic tiles both prevent a slippery floor and at the same time massage the feet of the person walking on them, creating the strange illusion of a rain splattered floor that stays permanently dry. […]

From Lille with Love

Lille is situated on an interesting spot. It is the international junction between Brussels, London and Paris and the city is right in the border area where French and Flemish culture meet. Apart from that it is in the middle […]

Freshen Up

Part of Open Borders was a workshop by Conny Groenewegen, Arnout Visser and Franck Bragigand. During the half-yearly flea market at the Wazemmes Market (Place de Croix) they had a stand where they offered their services. The public was invited […]

Een Middag Gewoon Doen

This exhibition was organised by Renny Ramakers following a number of minor shows collectively entitled ‘Things look that way now’ at Interieur 92 in Kortrijk, Belgium (October 1992) and at Musis Sacrum in Arnhem, the Netherlands (December 1992). Simple, often […]

Dry Kitchen

Droog’s 9th Milan exhibition: part 2 Droog showed two kitchens, both designed according to the Droog mentality, yet the outcome was entirely different. The tile kitchen by Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Peter van der Jagt was based upon […]

Dry Bathing

Droog’s 5th Milan exhibition Droog aimed the arrows of its mentality at bathing. Like ‘Dry Tech’, this project was about overcoming the limitations of materials and discovering the potential of new functionality. In cooperation with DMD, Droog asked designers to […]

Droog Event I: Open Borders, Design etc.

Droog launched the first edition of its triennial Droog Event, which will always be held in a different European city. The aim of this triennial is to highlight the recent developments in European design with crossovers to other disciplines as […]