Fish in the Sky by Nothing Design Group

The Nothing Design Group is a group of young Korean designers, directed by Koo Jin-Woog. They create poetic and narrative designs that playfully address the relationship between people and their environment. Inspired by oriental philosophy, their work explores formless content: how ‘nothing’ can be designed into something?

In the past few years they have designed several award winning products. ‘The Origin, Washstand’ (2007) is a wash basin based on the source of a river and the way it flows into a lake. A small cobblestone blocks the source, which starts to spout water meandering down to the basin when the tone is removed. Then, the cobble can double as a plug for the sink. In another example, the ‘Cloud Mug’, the enamel of a white china mug is perforated with small cloud shapes.

The light shines through the tiny punctures and makes the cloud visible. While you drink the cloud, you can dream of the sky.

The topsy-turvy world of ‘Fish in the Sky’ is a collection of beautiful transparent wind vanes in the shape of fishes. Not the Oriental carp but a shoal of Dutch herring is floating in the wind from high flagpoles along the riverfront. The flagpoles look like fishing rods, and the fish seem to be caught while swimming in the sky. A poetic piece, of which miniature versions are handed out to the public. Attached to bicycles, balconies or car antennas, the fish will multiply quickly and pop up all around the city.