Sculpt Me Point by Marti­ Guixé

Guixé’s work strongly focuses on ideas, captured in very characteristic sketches.
The final design often seems merely one outcome of innumerable possibilities,
regularly using disposable and cheap materials. In every sense ‘Sculpt Me Point’, a solid rock with attached hammer and chisel surrounded by a circular bench, is a typical Guixé ‘design’. It is playful, and the object is not (yet) designed: it is pure potential, and the title is an invitation to the public of
Amsterdam, or rather a plea, to be creative.

Since 2001 Marti Guixé has been defining himself as an ex-designer – a statement against the limited scope of traditional design.

Trained as an interior
designer, his activities range from developing concepts and ideas for commercial purposes, interiors and exhibitions, products, projects and food. His work deals with issues of consumption, information and choice.

Rather than reshaping existing products –working with object and form – Guixé
wishes to alter ways of seeing and thinking in which there is always an active role for the user. Some examples are his work for the shoe company Camper including shop interiors, a restaurant and marketing campaigns; ‘Do Frame’ (2000), a role of adhesive tape printed with the design of an ornate picture frame to make one’s own DIY frame; and ‘Food Facility’ (2005), which was presented at Mediamatic in Amsterdam as a prototype of a business model: a restaurant in which the guests can order from different take-away chains that deliver to the ad-hoc restaurant.