Urban Play @Night by Kwangho Lee

Trained as a metal smith and jewellery designer at Hongik University, College of Fine Art, Department of Metal Art & Design in Seoul, the young designer Kwangho Lee has a passion for mixing design with craftsmanship. All his designs are ‘crafted’ with his own hands. His motto is that ordinary objects can become something else. Through small interventions, like re-arrangements or a change of scale, objects can transform and gain new meaning.

Alongside his jewellery and furniture Kwangho Lee is most known for his spectacular lighting pieces ‘Weave Your Lighting’. With nothing more than the
familiar standard fittings, light bulbs and electrical wire he succeeds in making
rather unfamiliar objects, by knitting and weaving the wire into scarf-like or brushlike shapes around or over the bulbs.

The theatrical pieces are woven from single strands of electrical wire, up to 300 meters long.

For his first piece in public space Kwangho Lee adds some surprising elements to the riverfront boulevard, which will only become visible at night. When they do, they will radically transform atmosphere of the street. When the street lights are turned on at sunset, a party can start. Disco balls and coloured lights in the lanterns light up the street and turn it into a dance floor, while glow-in-the-dark dance steps invite to dance and show you the paces. Any street can change into a nightclub. But it isn’t a party without the people. With his ‘Urban
Play @ Night’ Lee invites the public to reclaim the street at night and have a ball.